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Fried Chicken and Donuts

For most of recorded history, fried chicken and donuts was the combination you never knew you needed. But when Federal Donuts & Chicken burst onto the scene in 2011, it raised the bar on these comfort classics, giving Philadelphians a whole new reason to get out of bed in the morning. Founded by five trailblazers including James Beard Award-winning restaurateurs Chef Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook, Federal Donuts & Chicken offers best in class donuts, fried chicken and coffee. And when paired with warm hospitality and a deep commitment to the community, FD&C is a hometown hero.

Federal Donuts & Chicken Extraordinary flavors

Extraordinary Flavors

Federal Donuts & Chicken fans, above all else, flock to the shops for the extraordinary flavors. Spiced-cake Donuts are served Fancy (glazed & topped each morning in unexpected flavors), Classic (in old-fashioned milk glazes), or Hot Fresh (made-to-order and tossed in custom sugar & spice blends). Hand-battered and twice-fried Chicken comes as Tenders and Wings (with house made dipping sauces or dry seasonings), the Fried Chicken Salad, and the famous Fried Chicken Sandwich with Rooster Sauce (among a menu of chicken sandwiches). Coffee comes hot or iced, and includes the signature Donut Latte (made with steamed milk steeped with donuts & warm spices).

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Federal Donuts & Chicken Bold Flavors

New Flavors, Bold Ideas

Federal Donuts & Chicken is passionate about changing things up with a regular roster of new flavors, bold ideas, and community connections. With eleven locations around Philadelphia including two arena stands, Federal Donuts & Chicken is looking to bring the magic to your hometown very soon.

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